Top 4 Best French Press Alternatives: Brew Beyond Basics

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Top 4 Best French Press Alternatives

The French press has long been celebrated for its potential to brew a sturdy and flavorful coffee, loved by connoisseurs and informal drinkers alike. However, the quest for convenience, diversity in flavor, and simplicity of cleansing has led many to search for alternatives. 

This article explores a few opportunities for brewing the best French Press alternative. If you are among the ones pursuing a brewing technique that combines the rich flavor of a French press with present-day comfort, you are within the proper region.

What is French Press?

French press coffee is a time-venerated method that produces a rich and full-bodied brew, cherished for its simplicity and depth of flavor.

This brewing technique involves steeping coarsely ground espresso beans in warm water for several minutes before digging down a plunger geared up with a metal or nylon mesh filter.

This procedure separates the coffee grounds from the liquid, resulting in a cup of coffee that keeps the beans’ herbal oils and first-rate particles.

Top Best French Press Alternative:

Here are 4 best French press alternatives:

  1. Aero Press
  2. Chemex
  3. Clever Dripper
  4. Hario V60

1. Aero Press:

The AeroPress is a pretty current coffee brewing invention that has speedily garnered a devoted following for its versatility, performance, and the first-rate coffee it produces.

Invented in 2005 by way of Alan Adler, an engineer and the president of Aerobie, the AeroPress changed into designed to mix the fine factors of coffee and filter out espresso while minimizing bitterness and acidity.

Aero Press


  • Quick brewing time (about 1-2 minutes).
  • Easy to clean and portable.
  • Versatile brewing methods (espresso-like, cold brew, etc.).
  • Low acidity and smooth taste.


  • Small batch size (1-3 cups per press).
  • Requires AeroPress paper filters or a reusable filter.

Difference between French Press vs Aero Press:

FeatureAeroPressFrench Press
Brewing Time1-2 minutes4 minutes
Coffee TextureSmooth, with no sedimentRich, with some sediment
Flavor ProfileLess bitter, lower acidityFull-bodied, more oils
Ease of CleaningVery easy, rinse and goMore involved, the grounds can be messy
PortabilityHighly portableLess portable due to glass parts
Brewing MethodAir pressure and immersionImmersion only
Filter TypePaper or metal reusable filterMetal mesh filter
VersatilityCan brew espresso-style, American, and cold brewPrimarily one brewing style
DurabilityMade of durable plasticOften made of glass and metal
Batch SizeSingle-cup per brew Multiple cups per press

2. Chemex :

An iconic piece of espresso brewing equipment celebrated now not only for the beauty of its layout but also for the high quality of coffee it produces. Invented in 1941 through Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex combines a pour-over clear-out technique with a stunning glass vessel.

The Chemex uses specially designed, thicker paper filters that make contributions to an espresso brew that is a purifier and smoother than many other methods.



  • Brews clean and smooth coffee with no sediment.
  • The beautiful design doubles as a serving vessel.
  • Suitable for larger batches compared to AeroPress.


  • Requires Chemex-specific filters.
  • More fragile due to glass construction.

Difference between Chemex vs French Press:

FeatureChemexFrench Press
Brewing TechniquePour over with a thick paper filterImmersion brewing with metal filter
Coffee TextureSmooth, clear, and cleanRich, full-bodied with some sediment
Flavor ProfileBright, nuanced, less oilyRobust, with more oils and fuller flavor
Ease of CleaningRequires careful cleaning due to shapeEasier to clean but dealing with grounds can be messy
PortabilityLess portable due to glass constructionMore portable, though glass versions are less so
Filter TypeThick paper filtersMetal mesh filter
Brewing Time4-5 minutes4 minutes
DurabilityFragile due to glass; handle with careGenerally durable; glass models need care
VersatilityPrimarily one brewing styleCan be used for tea, frothed milk, etc.
Batch SizeVarious sizes (3 to 10 cups)Ranges from single servings to 12 cups
Design/AestheticIconic design, elegant appearanceClassic, utilitarian design
CostMore expensive plus the cost of filtersGenerally less expensive; no filter cost

3. Clever Dripper:

It combines the first-class factors of French press and pour-over brewing techniques, imparting an innovative method to creating espresso. It’s revered for its simplicity, ease of use, and the tremendous espresso it produces.

This brewing tool has gained popularity amongst espresso lovers and beginners alike for its foolproof operation and the manipulation it gives over the brewing technique.

Clever Dripper


  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable steeping.
  • Sediment-free coffee.
  • Brews coffee and tea.
  • Durable and portable.


  • Made of plastic.
  • Needs paper filters.
  • Moderate heat retention.

Difference between Clever Dripper vs French press:

FeatureClever DripperFrench Press
Brewing MethodImmersion with filter; gravity-fed releaseFull immersion without a filter
MaterialBPA-free plasticTypically glass or stainless steel
Coffee TextureClean, no sediment due to the paper filterRich, with some sediment
Ease of UseVery easy; steep and release mechanismEasy; manual press required
Heat RetentionModerate; plastic constructionGood; especially in insulated models
CleaningEasy; disposable filtersMore effort; grounds cleanup needed
TasteCleaner, smoother coffeeFuller body, more oils
PortabilityHighly portableGlass versions are less portable
Environmental ImpactRequires paper filtersNo filter required; less waste

4. Hario V60:

This is a popular pour-over coffee brewing device recognized for its distinctive layout and the brilliant nice espresso it produces. Originating from Japan, the V60 has received worldwide acclaim among coffee aficionados and specialists alike. Its call comes from the vector 60, regarding the 60-diploma angle of its cone, which is considered optimal for espresso extraction.

Hario V60


  • Precise control over brewing variables.
  • Produces a clean cup with clear flavors.
  • Suitable for various grind sizes and quantities.
  • Portable, especially the plastic version.


  • Requires practice and precise technique.
  • Optimal brewing needs additional equipment (gooseneck kettle, scale).
  • More time-consuming than automatic methods.

Difference between Hario v60 vs French press:

FeatureHario V60French Press
Brewing TechniquePour-over with paper filterImmersion brewing with metal filter
Coffee TextureClean and clear, no sedimentRich and full-bodied, some sediment
Flavor ProfileBright, nuanced, accentuates acidityRobust, enhances body and oils
Ease of UseRequires technique and practiceSimple and straightforward
Equipment NeededGooseneck kettle, scale (recommended)No specialized equipment needed
Brewing Time2-4 minutes4 minutes
PortabilityLightweight, especially plastic modelsGlass models are less portable, but durable metal options are available
Clean-upEasy, dispose of paper filterRequires disassembly and cleaning

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What is better than French press coffee?

The Aeropress always ships with paper filters. These filters produce espresso it truly is crisper, brighter, and cleaner than that of the French press filter.

What are the opportunity techniques for the French press?

The French pull. The predominant difference is that you pull the beans out with the filter out in preference to pushing them down. Why might you need to try this? Because you’re uninterested in scraping out the ones used grounds after each brew!

Is the French press the fine approach?

There’s much less of the floor-over-extraction impact, and the brewing is in the long run a more mild proposition. Put it all together, and French press brewing is much less finicky than maximum different strategies and may bring about a greater complete-flavored brew with a deeper sweetness and syrupy frame.

What can I use instead of a French press?

  •  Aeropress. Add a Fellow Prismo attachment if you want something even closer to an espresso shot.
  • Kalita Wave. If you want to pour over without brewing huge volumes of coffee.
  • Stovetop siphon / Moka Pot.


The search for the best French press alternative offers a variety of brewing techniques, each offering unique benefits. The AeroPress offers speed and comfort, while the Hario V60 offers nuanced flavors. The Moka Pot espresso offers arrogance, while the Clever Dripper offers balance and simplicity. 

The choice depends on taste clarity, brewing ritual, convenience, or versatility. Experimentation is crucial, as exploring unique techniques can enhance your coffee experience and introduce new favorites. The ideal option should fit seamlessly into your daily routine, elevating your espresso experience.

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