Best Coffee Beans for Latte 2024: Ultimate Flavor Guide

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Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Selecting the best coffee beans for latte can significantly enhance your favorite coffee drink’s flavor, aroma, and overall experience.

A well-balanced mix with the right attributes can bring out the rich flavor of boiling milk, making for a delightful and satisfying beverage.

The well-known and comfortable latte is a coffee beverage made with espresso. Throughout the world, a lot of people eat it.

Selecting the best espresso beans is one of the many variables involved in making a great latte. The top coffee beans for lattes are listed in this article.

What is a latte?

A latte is an Italian coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. It is traditionally served in a glass. It consists of a double shot of espresso, hot steamed milk, and a thin layer of foam.

Variants include chocolate-flavored mocha, masala chai, mate, matcha, turmeric, or rooibos, and alternatives like soy or almond milk.

5 Best Coffee Beans For Latte

  1. kicking horse coffee
  2. Lavazza Super
  3. San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee: Best Low-Acid
  4. Death Wish Coffee
  5. Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Espresso

1- kicking horse coffee

It is a Canadian coffee roaster known for its bold and full-bodied coffee blends. Founded in 1996 in British Columbia, they use high-quality Arabica beans. It is a unique roasting technique to create a variety of coffees.

kicking horse coffee


  • It is well known for its exceptional flavor profiles. 
  • It includes chocolate, caramel, nuts, and fruit.
  • Its commitment to ethical sourcing and organic practices resonates with consumers.
  • Its bold, robust flavors are perfect for espresso-based drinks.
  • It is widely available in grocery stores, specialty shops, and online retailers.


  • It is a premium coffee brand with organic and fair-trade certifications.
  • Expensive.
  • Its limited blend availability may limit options for exploring their entire range.
  • Intense blends taste.

Features :

  • It is certified organic and fair trade, sourcing beans sustainably. 
  • They offer a variety of blends, including light, medium, and dark roasts, with Arabica beans for smoothness. 
  • It offers whole bean and pre-ground options, catering to different brewing methods. 
  • Their consistent quality ensures unique flavors and aromas.
  • It produces flavorful blends of intermediate to dark roast coffee to suit a range of palates. Additionally, they guarantee ethical sourcing by offering fair-trade and organically verified coffees.

2- Lavazza Super

It is a popular coffee blend by the Italian brand Lavazza. It is well known for its rich and creamy espresso. It has versatility and a smooth flavor profile.

Lavazza Super


  • Smooth and Creamy coffee blend flavor profile.
  • Specifically designed for espresso-brewing.
  • Suitable for lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk-based drinks.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Its thick, creamy crema layer enhances the sensory experience of espresso-based beverages.


  • Some coffee lovers may find its flavor profile to be simple.
  • But others may prefer blends made with Robusta beans for more complex and high-quality characteristics.


  • The espresso is typically a blend of 100% Arabica beans, providing a smoother, more complex taste, with Robusta adding strength and foam.
  • It is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Colombia, India, and Indonesia. 
  • It is sourced medium-roasted for a balanced taste. 
  • It produces a thick, strong crema layer for espresso, with a complex aroma of honey, almond, and dried fruit. 
  • It’s versatile and suitable for drip, French press, and moka pot brewing methods.

3- San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee – Best Low-Acid

It has a low acidity stage, superb flavors, easy textures, and an extreme roast level, making it a remarkable desire for lattes. It is an espresso roast with properly-balanced flavors which aren’t overly sturdy or bitter.

It is a satisfactory choice for latte drinkers who want a low acidity degree and need an awesome option for regular espresso, espressos, cappuccinos, and different espresso beverages.

San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee – Best Low-Acid


  • Wide style of roasts and flavors​​.
  • Uses one 100% Arabica bean for advanced flavor​​.
  • Strong commitment to sustainability and ethical practices​​​​.
  • Offers each whole bean and ground coffee​​.
  • Decaf alternatives use natural decaffeination approaches​​.


  • Requires a grinder for entire beans​​.
  • Potential flavor inconsistency between batches​​.
  • Expensive.
  • Some options won’t be readily available in all places​.


  • Offers diverse roasts for various flavor possibilities.
  • It uses 100% Arabica beans for a clean, flavorful profile.
  • Emphasizes sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Provides numerous flavors and forte blends.
  • Offers decaf options decaffeinated the use of herbal water method.
  • Provides complete bean and floor espresso options for convenience.

4- Death Wish Coffee

It is a brand of coffee known for its claim to be the “world’s strongest coffee.” It is marketed as having significantly higher caffeine levels compared to regular coffee. 

It provides consumers with a potent and intense caffeine kick. It is made from organic and fair-trade coffee beans. 

Death Wish Coffee


  • Offers a high caffeine boost, boosting alertness and productivity.
  • Bold flavor profile.
  • Organic and fair-trade coffee beans.
  • Offers a variety of products.
  • They include roast levels and brewing methods.
  • It caters to diverse tastes.
  • Promotes ethical consumption.


  • High caffeine content.
  • Bold flavor profile.
  • Expensive.

Features :

  • It is known for its high caffeine content and organic and fair-trade sourcing. 
  • It promotes sustainability and ethical practices. 
  • Its bold, robust flavor profile includes notes of chocolate and caramel. 
  • The company offers a variety of products. 
  • It includes whole-bean coffee, cold brew, and merchandise. 
  • It allows customers to choose their preferred consumption method.

5- Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Espresso

Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Espresso is a dark roast espresso with deep, toasted notes, a strong, bold flavor, and a complete-bodied revel.

Despite no longer offering complicated flavors or mellow acidity, it gives accurate cost for its rate and ambitious frame.

Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Espresso
Version 1.0.0


  • Captures the essence of conventional dark roast coffee.
  • Provides a velvety, rich texture.
  • High client scores.


  • Limited flavor complexity.
  • Higher acidity than predicted.
  • Strong, lingering bitterness may detract from universal enjoyment.

Features :

  • Delivers deep, toasted notes of Italian espresso.
  • Made with 100% Arabica Beans for smoother, extra flavorful coffee.
  • Offers a thick, clean, and velvety mouthfeel.
  • Competitively priced, supplying fees for high-quality

Coffee Beans For Lattes Buying Guide

Certainly!  Here’s a quick explanation of a buying guide table for coffee beans that work well for lattes:

Roast LevelMedium to dark roast beans are preferred for lattes, providing a rich flavor profile that complements milk well.
Bean OriginConsider beans from regions like Brazil, Colombia, or Guatemala, known for their smooth, chocolatey, or nutty flavor profiles.
Blend vs. Single OriginBoth blends and single-origin beans can work for lattes. Blends offer consistency, while single origins highlight unique flavor profiles.
Flavor ProfileLook for beans with notes of chocolate, caramel, or nuts, as these flavors pair nicely with the creamy texture of milk in lattes.
Acidity LevelBeans with low to medium acidity are preferable for lattes, ensuring a smooth and balanced flavor when combined with milk.
FreshnessOpt for freshly roasted beans to ensure optimal flavor. Check the roast date and aim to use the beans within a few weeks of roasting.
Grind SizeWhole beans are recommended for maximum freshness. Grind the beans to a fine consistency suitable for espresso machines or your preferred brewing method for lattes.
PriceConsider your budget and the quality of the beans. While premium beans may offer superior flavor, there are also affordable options available.

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How many coffee beans are used for a latte?

Following a conventional double espresso formula, you may achieve 38 grams of coffee in your cup in about 30 to 35 seconds by adding 19 grams of high coffee beans to your portafilter.

When learning about milk-based beverages, this is crucial because certain “classic” drinks require a double espresso to 1:2 ratio.

What is the best ratio for a latté?

Milk to coffee ratio: 1/3 espresso: one centimeter of foam, two-thirds heated milk (170–225 ml).

How can I choose a coffee latte?

Coffees with richer, more intense flavors could be more enticing because the milk will bring out the natural coffee flavor. Additionally, having a full or medium body type could be more attractive.

Light-bodied coffee can impart a watery taste to milk-based beverages like lattes.

Which milk makes the greatest lattes?

Before anything else, we always advise using whole milk for lattes and cappuccinos. Its precise proportions of water, sugar, proteins, and fats create a creamy-looking microfoam without being overly creamy.


In conclusion, there is no definitive best coffee bean for latte. However, various varieties are recommended for their flavor profiles.

Experimenting with different coffee beans, roast levels, and brewing techniques can lead to discovering your perfect latte combination. 

The best beans are those that bring the most satisfaction with each sip. One of the more famous espresso drinks is lattes, and using the appropriate coffee beans is essential to making them taste great.

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